A Simple Remedy for Toothache

Toothache is a painful pain in the tooth caused by an infection or injury. It ranges in severity from an ache to searing, stabbing pain. Common causes of toothache include a cavity, loose fitting filling, gum disease, a broken tooth or infection in the jawbone.

If the toothache is mild and the cause is not serious such as trauma or recurring decay, it may be relieved by rinsing with warm salt water for 15 minutes every hour for three hours. To make the rinse, add ¼ teaspoon of salt and 1 cup of warm water to a cup and sip slowly.

A simple remedy for toothache includes rinsing with water, dabbing the top of the tongue with salt, or just chewing raw sugar.

If the pain can be managed without rinsing with water, try this remedy:

-Put a layer of salt on top of the affected tooth.

-Press gently all around the tooth (avoid pressing directly on the gum) until it’s completely covered in salt.

-Use a spoon or some other utensil to press down all around the first layer of salt. You should hear it crackle.

-Keep repeating the process until the pain is gone.

-If the pain does not diminish significantly, try adding another layer of salt.

-Some people report it works best when they press gently against the side of their head with a spoon, rather than directly over the top of the tooth.

-If you can press the pain away, then stop and the pain will recede.

-You can also rub some salt on your tongue

–especially if it is just to temporarily get rid of the pain or to help you sleep.

-If saliva sprays from your mouth, spit it out. If you do not do this, the salt will not be able to do its job.

-Do not rinsing with water causes a dry mouth, try a commercial dry mouth product.

-If you have rinsed your mouth, brushing right away is not a good idea. Again, use a commercial dry mouth product.

-If the pain is just too bad, then do what you have got to do. Your next best option may be a permanent dental implant.