Talking about oral health brushing twice a day, flossing, regular dental check-ups all are important but one factor which everyone avoids is your diet-what you eat and how often you eat. The change will start when you eat certain foods. Bacteria present in your mouth convert carbohydrates and sugar into acids, these acids will attack the enamel of teeth, starting to decay teeth.

The often you are eating a snack you are exposing more your teeth to decay and the time between the meals allows the saliva to wash away these bacteria. Frequent snacking during the daytime, without brushing immediately gives fuel to bacteria.

Healthy foods and drinks for the mouth:

Best food choices for your healthy teeth include cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, Monterey jack, nuts.  These food items contain calcium and phosphorous that help in remineralize teeth (a natural process by which minerals are redeposited in teeth enamel that are washed by acids). If you’re lactose intolerant in that case you have to avoid milk and dairy products can switch to spinach and broccoli as they also contain a high amount of calcium.

Fruits and vegetables like apples, melons, peas, cucumbers, and celery have high water content which dilutes the effect of sugar they contain. Acidic foods such as citrus tomatoes, lemon contain acid so they should be eaten as part of a larger meal to minimize the acid content.

Poor food choices for your teeth are jellybeans, hard candies, lollipops, bread, cakes, muffins, cookies, pies, French fries, caramel, bananas, raisins, honey, and other dried fruits. These foods have large sugar content and also stick to the teeth giving chance to bacteria. Cough drops should be used when necessary as they are like sugary candy can coat sugar on your teeth.

If you are planning to give your child sweets better give them as desserts immediately after your food reason being during meal time amount of saliva in the mouth is very high washing away sugary content. The best beverage for teeth includes unsweetened tea and fluoridated water. Limit your consumption of sugary drinks like tea, lemonade, coffee, soft drinks with added sugar.

Is chewing gum ok for teeth?

Many people consider chewing gum bad for your teeth but chewing sugarless gums is beneficial to your teeth as chewing helps in removing foods that are stuck in your teeth and also increases the flow of saliva to neutralize acids in the mouth. Some gums even contain ingredients that can reduce cavities and avoid if you have jaw pain.

Gums and teeth care tips:

Brush your teeth regularly. Brush twice a day morning and night before sleeping. If brushing between the meals is not possible then rinse your mouth with water several times.

Use fluoride-containing toothpaste to avoid early decay.

Floss at least once a day to remove food particles stuck between teeth and below the gumline.

Visit your dentist regularly after every six months for check-ups and cleanings. Getting regular check-ups can avoid future dental problems.

Avoid eating food that contains high sugary content and choose nutritious foods such as raw vegetables, apples, plain yogurt, and cheese.