Dental Implants — Types & Benefits

Dental implants are a permanent solution for a replacement for missing teeth. Dental implants are often made of titanium, which is durable and less likely to decay than other materials used in dental prostheses. Titanium is also highly corrosion-resistant, so there’s little risk of damaging your health with the use of dental implants. Plus, it won’t cause additional sensitivity or discomfort because titanium doesn’t irritate gums as much as other materials commonly used in prosthetic replacements.

Improve your appearance-

There are many benefits to dental implants that we should note. For example, the study shows that the benefits of dental implants are many and many people who have used them in recent years have experienced a decrease in tooth sensitivity, as well.

Dental Implants — Types

Replacing a single tooth: Dental implants are often used for replacing a single tooth. The process only takes around two hours to complete. When replacing a single tooth, you can replace it with an implant-supported crown, implant-supported bridge, or an implant-supported denture.

Replacing several teeth: Insert information about replacing several teeth, the process only takes around two hours to complete.

A dental bridge- A dental bridge is a type of prosthesis consisting primarily of metal wires that connect two teeth where the natural tooth has been extracted. The bridges are set into place with crowns or posts, similar to permanent dentures. A dental bridge is typically made up of four components: two lateral clasps on either side of the mouth, a tongue piece to hold it in place, and a single central post that rests on opposing teeth or areas of gum tissue.

The importance of dental braces in helping patients achieve good oral health has led to an increase in their popularity among people around the world. The benefits associated with braces are many but include speech improvement and improved facial structure. Talk about other benefits as well!

Replacing all your teeth: Dental implants can replace all your teeth and involve several different procedures. Replacing all your teeth will require the use of several dental implants, and will also include replacing missing gum tissue and bone with artificial materials.

Implant-keep denture- An implant-keep denture is a type of prosthesis that is used to replace all teeth. The implants are surgically placed into the gum tissue and used to support the denture. The mantel is then screwed onto the implant to ensure it stays securely in place. However, while this may be an expensive type of prosthetic, there are plenty of benefits that come with it. Not only does it provide better chewing capability for patients, but it can also prevent natural bone from deteriorating over time by providing them with a sturdy anchor around which they can grow again.


The benefits of dental implants are many and many people who have used them in recent years have experienced a decrease in tooth sensitivity. Dental implants range from replacing a single tooth to even replacing all your teeth. The benefits of dental implants are apparent and more people should investigate this type of solution for various missing teeth problems that they may be experiencing.