Difference Between a Cosmetic Dentist and a Regular Dentist

Dental science has changed miles and folds with time. A few years back dentistry was limited only to treatment of decayed teeth, crooked teeth, cavity filling, or removal of teeth. But now as time is changing and people are becoming more conscious of their looks so the role of a cosmetic dentist is coming.

Nowadays, it is very common to find braces and veneers for enhancing beauty. The purpose of a cosmetic dentist is now increasing day by day and its effect on the health of a patient is not hidden either, we can’t deny the fact that it is becoming the most popular treatment of modern times.

The term cosmetic dentistry came to light with the popularity of TV and cinema culture. While watching TV actors’ people were curious to know the reason behind their beautiful smiles and how they have managed to have such white and well-formed teeth. Later, it was found that this all was done by the magic of a cosmetic dentist.

As per the definition of dentistry, everything that is related to oral care is put under dentistry. By this, we can say cosmetic dentistry is also a part of regular dentistry but the only difference that can be pointed out is that, unlike regular tooth jobs, cosmetic dentistry is not done for health reasons.

A regular dentist is more concerned about your oral health needs and primarily focuses on preventing dental problems.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments:

Below are some treatments are done by a cosmetic dentist for the transformation of your smile:

Dental crowns: the cap is attached to the damaged tooth to protect it from further damage and hide any discoloration.

Teeth whitening treatment: to give your teeth a pearly white color dentist removes stubborn stains and lightens the color.

Check-up and clean-up:  regular scale and polish treatment allow your dentist to look after your teeth on regular basis and note down future dental problems like cavities, bacteria, etc.

Porcelain veneers: Veneers are thin shells made up of porcelain that are applied in front of teeth to give new smile.

General dentistry treatments:

Below are some treatments are done by a cosmetic dentist for the transformation of your teeth:

Root canal: root canal is performed to save bits of severely damaged tooth that are healthy enough and the root canal is best to protect it.

Dental implants: in this procedure, a titanium denture is fixed in gums and lets the gums hold the implant properly giving it a completely natural look.

Fillings and dentures: permanent or temporary filling are done to save your teeth from further decay and effectively restore your appearance.

If you have any sort of concern about your looks and feel of your teeth, there are many treatments available to keep your teeth look good. Before going for cosmetic dentistry or regular dentistry it’s important to understand the roles of both so that you can make the right choice. Consult any regular dentist for further assistance to know about roles and then decide who will fulfill your result.

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