Interesting ways to teach children to brush their teeth?

Give them a toothbrush that they can call their own, with their favourite colour or animal.

2. Have them pick out a new toothpaste and make sure it is something they like so they do not complain while brushing their teeth.

3. Have them watch their favourite cartoon or show on TV while you brush your teeth together in the morning (you should also model what to do for them).

4. Make it fun by brushing your teeth together and singing songs about brushing your teeth.

5. Make it a game and take turns brushing your teeth in the morning, one person will be cleaning his/her teeth while the other person tries to stop that person from brushing their teeth.

6. When they brush, they can sing or hum a song while they do it.

7. If you are out of toothbrushes have them do their teeth at the park or other place where your child can run around.

8. Put a mirror in front of your child so they can watch themselves as they brush their teeth.

9. Have them start putting toothpaste on their finger and then smear it on the brush to help them be more careful while brushing their teeth.

10. When they brush their teeth make it fun by singing a song or humming one while doing it.

11. Have them brush their teeth while you take a shower or bath at the same time so they can get used to doing it in front of you.

12. Let them pick out their own toothbrush with the colour and animal that they want and let them help put their favourite toothpaste on their toothbrush.

13. Let them pick out their favourite colours, animals, or vehicles to put on the mirror in front of them so they can see themselves as they brush their teeth.

14. When you wake up in the morning let them help you brush your teeth by putting toothpaste on your toothbrush and then letting them brush yours while you are brushing yours (this is good to do every time).

15. Have them use a timer while they brush their teeth, tell them 1 minute or 30 seconds to scrub their teeth and mouth.

16. Make it fun by singing songs or humming songs to let them know when it is time to brush their teeth in front and then the back.

17. If you are out of toothpaste let them use a little bit of honey or peanut butter on the toothbrush so they can see how it feels like when brushing your teeth with toothpaste (this is good because it makes your teeth squeak).

18. Let them brush their teeth while you brush your teeth (this is good because they can also see you brushing your teeth).

19. Use a timer while they are brushing their teeth and then reward them by telling them when the timer goes off is the time to clean their mouth.

20. Pair up and do it together with your child so they can see that it is not so bad doing it with someone else and it should get better when your child becomes more comfortable with doing it by themselves.

21. Try to do the brushing and flossing at the same time so they can see how both are done at the same time.