Procedures Performed At a Family Dentistry

Family dentistry’s are clinics that provide basic dental care to all the members of the family group, covering adults, children, and aging adults. All three age groups are known to have unique issues that need to be addressed, and family dentists are qualified and trained to see all of the ages through their regular dental needs.

You must not confuse family dentistry with general dentistry. Although general dentistry clinics also perform routine checkups and treatments, their patients are normally adults. They do not treat old people or children.

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Family dentist open Sunday in Baltimore Maryland: how do they serve you?

When you visit a family dentistry clinic you will likely be visiting a complex that has several dentists on board. There is a pediatric dental expert for treating children, and a general dentist to handle the adults, and a dentist who is schooled to offer care for denture wearers, geriatric patients, and aging adults.


Children require regular cleaning. They need to get x-rayed so the experts can see how their teeth are developing. Apart from this, they need their teeth to be capped and protected when damaged during minor accidents or falls. They also need to get their cavities filled, and the kids need a dental expert who can teach them proper oral hygiene.


Adults also have to get their teeth cleaned regularly. They need to get their chipped teeth repaired, cavities filled, they often need capping as well as root canal procedures performed to help save a tooth. They need a dental expert who can recognize periodontal diseases and get them treated, and they require proper instructions on the right way to care for their teeth. Tooth whitening is performed more often on this particular age group because of the foods and drinks they consume that can stain the enamel of the tooth.

Aging adults:

The older patients are more in need of tooth replacement than younger adults. As we begin aging, the health of our gums and teeth starts to suffer, making us prone to tooth loss, and in need of dental implants and dentures. Older patients also require tooth whitening procedures with their natural teeth, due to years of eating and drinking foods that cause discoloration of the enamel. Apart from this, older people are prone to gum disease, and complexities because of other illnesses, and the medicines they take for those medical issues.

A good family dentistry can easily handle minor oral issues. However, when you develop a problem that needs to be addressed by a specialty dentist the same clinic will be able to recommend a specialists, and will even assist you in setting up an appointment with the professional. In fact, if you are looking for a specialty Muslim Dentist in Baltimore Maryland., they may even help you with that. Your regular family dentist open Sunday in Baltimore Maryland. is your first defense against oral diseases, and complexities that can cause tooth loss.