Teeth Whitening can Help in Overcoming Teeth Discoloration

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures followed in aesthetic dentistry. The reason being it is the simplest process Baltimore dental clinics offer nowadays. It is also a very reasonable way to brighten your teeth and spread a smile.

Reasons behind teeth discoloration:

It is seen that with age, the color of our teeth starts to darken or start appearing as yellow or stained. There can be several reasons behind this. Most common problems affecting teeth darkening or discoloration include.

Age: age can be the big factor for discoloration. As you age-old, the primary layer of your enamel starts getting slimmer making the yellowish dentin layer come out slowly.

Drinks: certain dark beverages like coffee, tea, wines, and colas that most people enjoy drinking can cause teeth staining.

Food: some foods can also discoloration in the teeth. Fruits like apples, berry contains a lot of pigment, while some dark veggies and even colorful spices like turmeric and curry can lead to discoloration.

Tobacco: Smoking or chewing tobacco can be a serious reason for teeth discoloration as tobacco contains nicotine and tar. Tar itself has black color and nicotine when it mixes up with oxygen becomes dark in color.

Poor dental hygiene: not brushing twice a day, flossing and rinsing properly to remove stain-causing substances from your teeth.

Disease: treatment for certain body conditions like chemotherapy, neck and head radiation can cause discoloration. Few infections in pregnant women can lead to discoloration in their babies by affecting enamel development.

Environment: Excessive fluoride from your environmental sources like naturally high fluoride level in water or excessive use in toothpaste, fluoride applications, and rinses.

Teeth whitening: the many choices

Teeth discoloration can at times lead to embarrassment between friends and colleagues to avoid this there are several options to whiten teeth. These options are teeth whitening performed in-office and D.I.Y. or home teeth whitening. Teeth whitening procedure performed in-office is offered by almost all dental experts. The cost of this whitening procedure depends on the procedure you choose as well as where in the country you live.

It can cost you an average of $500. The whitening procedure performed in the office involves smearing a sturdy bleaching agent over the teeth. The bleaching agent used is much stronger than what you will find in D.I.Y. home remedies. Moreover, when the procedure is performed by a professional dentist, they can protect teeth enamel, gums and etcetera from strong bleaching substance. The dental expert is highly qualified to manage any unexpected problem that may come in between or after the procedure. Teeth whitening performed in the office requires one to two hours of your time and is accomplished in only one visit.