Tips to keep your teeth white after teeth whitening

Achieving a glowing white smile from the comfort of your own houses has become more comfortable today. Just pick the right teeth whitening option as per your needs.

Once you complete your teeth whitening procedure, you feel you’re all set. Not so quick! 

To maintain a healthy body in shape, you need to follow your diet and exercise routine strictly. Similar is the case with teeth whitening. There are some tips to follow to keep your smile whiter for long after you get your whitening done.

Continue reading to find out how you can keep up the same glowing smile.

How can one keep teeth whiter after whitening treatment?

1 . Establish great oral hygiene habits

Whiter teeth is a sign of good oral health. However, oral health is not just about whiter teeth. Experts have related poor oral hygiene to certain medical conditions like diabetes and heart diseases. The good thing is it’s never too late to leave your bad oral hygiene habits and develop healthy ones. The basics include:

  • Brushing your teeth twice daily
  • Flossing once a day
  • Make use of a soft toothbrush that won’t degrade your enamel. 

2 . Pay attention to what you eat and drink

This great whitening tip might assist your waistline also. Isn’t it great! 

A healthy nutritious diet keeps your weight in control and helps maintain a healthy mouth by keeping gums strong and balancing your mouth’s pH levels. 

Try to avoid food like red wine, caffeine, spaghetti sauce, soda, etc., to keep your teeth whiter and brighter. Another amazing tip is to hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water. 

3. Be cautious of stains

If you indulge in stain culprits, keep some whitening gels in handy that you can apply after consuming stained foods. 

Get regular teeth whitening! 
Do you expect your hair to stay the same length without getting a cut? No! The same is the case with teeth whitening. You can get regular teeth whitening in Baltimore, MD, to retain the same shining appearance of your smile. Simply contact us at Now Dentistry and get exceptional services of teeth whitening near me.