What Causes Me to Think I May Need Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please consider getting cosmetic dentistry done:

-Allergies that interfere with your breathing or cause nasal congestion and discharge

-Chronic nasal or sinus problems

-Recurrent headaches, dizziness, light-headedness, and nosebleeds

-Recurrent throat irritation with chronic morning dryness and mouth breathing

-Dental cavities in teeth previously restored with amalgam filling -mouth breathing, dry mouth, and gum recession

-Teeth discoloration, decay, and tooth staining

-Gapped teeth or misaligned bites

-Teeth that are too small for the width of your smile

-Chipped or fractured teeth

-Missing teeth or tooth loss

-Non-functional dental restorations (bridges, crowns)

cosmetic dental procedures

Cosmetic dental procedures are procedures that are used to improve the appearance of teeth, gums, and jaws. These procedures are done for reasons such as restoring stability or correcting inadequate dental work.

The cosmetic dentistry procedures what can be done depend on a person’s needs. Dental crowns or caps can apply to teeth that have been broken through sports injury or decay. Cosmetic dentists may also reshape a tooth by performing gum contouring or taking off a small part of it to reveal whiter tooth if it is not aligned with the other teeth, in order to make the smile look more attractive and symmetrical without changing its bite integrity.

Gum contouring can also make a smile look more attractive, and involves removing some gum tissue from around the teeth to reveal more of the white part of the tooth. This can be done by either shaving down some of the gum tissue or by cutting into it with a scalpel. Finally, cosmetic dentists may perform laser gum surgery on patients who need to have all or most of their gums removed, which is not typically performed by general dentists because of its complexity.

Teeth whitening procedures are performed to make teeth look whiter than they naturally are. The type of teeth whitening procedure that is used depends on the condition of a patient’s teeth and the result that the patient wants to achieve. One of the most common methods is laser whitening, in which light from a laser is used to activate peroxide in order to bleach the tooth’s surface. Another method is to take-home whitening kits, which often contain higher levels of peroxide than bleaching done in the dentist’s office and are used over a longer period.

Teeth straightening, also known as orthodontics, can be done to make crooked teeth appear straighter. The procedure typically starts when a person is between the ages of 11 and 14 years old in order to prevent crowding of the teeth while they are still developing.

This normally involves straightening a person’s teeth over several years of braces, and may require a series of x-rays for the procedure to continue. Sometimes, a person may need to get braces earlier in life than this and then need adjustments.

Cosmetic dentists can do implants or dentures to replace missing teeth that appear unattractive, or that are uncomfortable when eating. We can also re-create missing teeth using dental cements and dental amalgam.

Sparkle Teeth Whitening is a new tooth whitening method that is done by the dentist during a regular visit. Next, it is covered by a wax-like material which makes the teeth look dull. The procedure is then repeated three times to achieve a whiter smile. Dry your teeth with a towel after you clean them. The teeth are then cleaned with a detergent and treated with a whitener that will make the teeth whiter. The material is then applied to your teeth using a special tray. The teeth are dried, and the material is removed to reveal whiter-looking teeth.

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