Wisdom Teeth: Facts and treatment

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you aware of the facts regarding wisdom teeth or wisdom tooth extraction? This blog will help you know about wisdom teeth and the way they impact your life. Here at NowDentistry, we offer the services of wisdom teeth removal at Baltimore. Apart from the services of wisdom teeth removal, other services related to general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry are offered.

Why are wisdom teeth called wisdom teeth?

Actually, wisdom teeth won’t increase your wisdom. Linguists have kept the name and have come from the late arrival of the teeth in an individual’s life. Wisdom teeth appear in the late teenage or the early twenties. This is also the time when a person reaches his or her adulthood. This actually marks the point of maturity when people become wiser. 

Problems caused by wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth can be very troublesome and can lead to many dental and periodontal issues. Even if the appearance of your teeth has occurred healthily, there are chances that your dentist will demand you to remove them to prevent any further issues. Issues related to wisdom teeth are:

  • Pericoronitis – The tooth eruption can lead to discomfort and pain along with an unpleasant taste and foul smell that can bother you.
  • Tooth decay – They are placed far in the mouth and due it’s distant positioning, it becomes challenging to offer them proper hygiene and this increases the risk of cavities leading to decay.
  • Impaction – The wisdom teeth can be impacted and result in swelling, pain, discomfort as well as severe infections. In some cases, the impaction is so bad that they start damaging the other teeth. 

Wisdom teeth extraction may not be for everyone

Even if your teeth are impacted, in some cases removing them may not be the right option. There are cases when extraction can lead to nerve damage. So before any extraction, your dentist will check your condition and offer you the best treatment possible.