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Medicaid Dental Care Services

Searching for Medicaid dentist in Maryland who’ll make you feel at home? Visit us today or call our number to book an appointment!

At Now Dentistry we accept Medicaid dental coverage at our clinic, and we do not limit the number of clients who use the benefits of dental Medicaid. Best of all, at our clinic, we provide the best quality dental care for those with Medicaid dental coverage. Our general dentists are skilled and experienced, taking continual dental education and advanced training to remain on top of the present dental healthcare trends. Our top quality services fit every budget. We are the Medicaid dentist Baltimore Md you can trust for the needs of your loved ones.

Why choose our Medicaid Dentist?

Here at Now Dentistry we work exceptionally hard each day to provide revitalizing and thorough dental services to patients who need treatment. At our Baltimore Md office, we are not interested in confusing you with overblown procedures and flashy products that leave your pockets empty – our primary aim is to ensure that you attain the oral health care you need to flash a happy and healthy smile forever.

Kids love coming to us. That’s because our fun-filled and hospitable waiting rooms let children laugh and relax while making new friends. Parents also love taking their kids to Now Dentistry because we accept Medicaid and offer several other dental benefits to make sure every family can afford care. Each and every patient will receive the best oral care and feel completely at home by our Medicaid dentist in Maryland MD.

Our family and general dentistry services are a significant cornerstone of our care, allowing our staff to catch dental issues when they are small and treat them successfully through cleanings, check-ups, and other therapy options.

Our Medicaid Dental Services:

Whether your child needs a check-up, or your teeth require some TLC to repair them to their former glory, we will be sure to find a treatment that suits your unique needs in our dental services. Just because our treatments here in Baltimore Md are affordable does not mean they are lacking! We depend on sophisticated methods and state-of-the-art technology when it comes to making your smile happier and healthier than ever before.

You can choose from a repertory of services that are included in Medicaid Dentist Services:

Family Dentistry:

1. Complete Oral Exams
2. Cleanings
3. X-Rays
4. Wisdom Teeth Extractions
5. Crowns and Bridges
6. Root Canals

Cosmetic Dentistry:

1. Porcelain Veneers
2. Teeth Whitening
3. Porcelain Crowns
4. Cosmetic Bonding
5. Natural-Colored Fillings

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Dental Implants:

1. Over Denture
2. Mutiple Tooth Implant
3. Single Tooth Implant
4. Implant Retainer Denture


1. Comfort and Convenience
2. Straightens your teeth

As your Medicaid dentist we spare no expense in furnishing our office with the best technologies and amenities that will make your treatment a comfortable and smooth experience. Our team will always greet you with a hospitable smile when you enter the clinic, and tools such as intraoral cameras, digital X-rays, and basic dental education will give you a basic understanding of how we work!

Frustrated when it comes to payment options?

At Now Dentistry, we welcome each and every family with Medicaid benefits and provide them the quality dental care they need and deserve. We will be more than happy to be your family’s Medicaid dental provider, so give us a call today to make a quick appointment for a gorgeous smile! Our experts will work closely with you to make sure finances are never a problem and you are able to receive the dental treatment you and your family need to smile with a sense of confidence.