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Affordable Dental Care Services Baltimore

At Now Dentistry, we are committed to low cost, quality dental care. We offer skilled affordable dentists that accept dental emergency cases and are open on the weekends. The clinic proudly stands behind the healthiest smiles of so many people in the city and is looking forward to standing by yours!

You deserve the services of a gentle affordable dentist who can make you feel at ease at every visit. At Now Dentistry, we serve people of all ages. With almost all major insurance plans accepted, we try to give every patient the attention they need.

Our All-on-Four treatment concept!

At Now Dentistry we use the most advanced methods to cater to tooth loss problems. Our All-on-Four treatment provides patients with fixed prosthesis supported by four or more implants. What this really means is that the treatment concept gives patients a permanent denture that is attached firmly to their implants in merely a day.

It is the best replacement for lost natural teeth, helping in improved quality of life and allowing optimum satisfaction.

Why choose our affordable dentists?

Flexible Payments:

We accept almost all private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and if you do not have an insurance we offer affordable dentistry services within your budget.

Our Cheap Dentists Baltimore Md:

At Now Dentistry we try to make sure your bank account remains as healthy as your mouth — with promotional offers, competitive prices, flexible financing and discount plans.

We will find the right treatment plan for you:

Your teeth and gums is our mission, which means we will offer you comprehensive oral care – treating the problems that you may be facing today and preventing issues from getting more problematic and costlier. This includes, making sure your prosthetics fit perfectly. It also means keeping the prices consistently low, charging less, and the like.

Best technology:

We make use of advanced technology for every single treatment offered. You can rest assured that you will be treated with state of the art gadgets and equipment during the process.

Hospitable staff:

Our inviting staff will make sure you are relaxed at every visit, whether you need to get a tooth extracted or are here for a cleaning. Our aim is to keep you in best dental health and help you keep your teeth in good shape.

Dental experts at Now Dentistry try to make it convenient to get the regular and affordable dental care for your teeth. With our hospitable staff, you may even start to look forward to your oral visits, keeping you motivated to come back. If you have any concerns or are feeling anxious about your treatment, let us know. Sedation dentistry is another way we can assist you in feeling more comfortable.

Affordable Dentist Services Offered

Now Dentistry is capable of offering the following services to our clients:

Family affordable Dentistry:

1. Complete Oral Exams
2. Cleanings
3. X-Rays
4. Wisdom Teeth Extractions
5. Crowns and Bridges
6. Root Canals

Affordable dentist Baltimore
Affordable dentist Maryland MD
Affordable dental care Baltimore
Affordable dentistry Baltimore

Cosmetic Dentistry:

1. Porcelain Veneers
2. Teeth Whitening
3. Porcelain Crowns
4. Cosmetic Bonding
5. Natural-Colored Fillings

Dental Implants:

1. Over Denture
2. Mutiple Tooth Implant
3. Single Tooth Implant
4. Implant Retainer Denture


1. Comfort and Convenience
2. Straightens your teeth

Are you facing problems with other clinics who won’t accept your dental insurance? Is lack of dental insurance keeping you from going in for a treatment? We know how frustrating such situations can be, particularly when you or a loved one requires immediate care.

Finding an affordable dentist that is devoted to your dental needs can be extremely difficult. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is committed to meeting and understanding your needs. We offer modern dentistry that provides our patients with more choices, including digital record keeping, Digital X-rays, inlays and onlays, crowns, and more. This helps us in keeping your teeth at its best and be more accurate and efficient with your oral care.

Whether you need a filling, implant, or a crown, we are here to start your treatment right away. Our team even offers these services at a pretty reasonable price. We accept all major insurance plans! Call us today to know more about our cheap dentist and services!