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Smile is Contagious

One smiling face has the power to spread smiles to many.

With this belief, our lovely team welcomes you to Now Dentistry. We are proud to have on board a team of highly motivated and dedicated individuals. Our friendly and energetic team is dedicated in working closely with each patient so that they can return with a positive experience, every time they visit us.

We have set a very high standard of patient care for ourselves and we strive to stick by it, no matter what. We use our advanced degrees, high level training and decades of experience to provide each patient with best possible treatment. All this coupled with latest technologies and high-end equipment ensure that our patients witness the most comfortable and relaxing environment and care.

Our team believes that an informed patient is the best patient. This is why each of our team members keep the patients updated about what treatment they are getting and how it will help them. They goes to great length to explain intended dental treatment to complete satisfaction of the patients. Even when we have a huge number of patients to attend, our team works overtime to ensure each patient receives specialist treatment he/she deserves.

What sets our team apart from other dental clinic in the town is their quest of continually updating their knowledge and skill set. Even after years of experience, they keep themselves updated with latest happenings, advanced machineries, and newest medicines.

We treat our patients like our family members and always aspire to provide the best for them. Our aim to create smile for patients that will last a lifetime. From dentist to each member in our clinical team works to provide our patients with the best dental experience. We look forward to meet you at Now Dentistry.