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Our smile is one of the biggest assets we have. Unfortunately, there are so many people who avoid breaking into one – they cover their mouths because they are afraid their imperfect teeth will create a bad impression.

Know When To Seek Which Dentist In Baltimore



Let’s face it – no one is born with perfect oral health that remains perfect till they take their last breath. Almost all of us need to visit a dentist for some dental issues we face throughout our lives. Knowing when to seek which type of dentist in Baltimore is as essential as going to the Baltimore dentist. Below, we have explained a few types of dentists who are most commonly needed in Baltimore.

General Dentists – General dentists are the ones who do not specialize in any particular area of dentistry – they are qualified and trained to carry out all dental procedures from preventative services to restorative treatments.

Orthodontists – Orthodontists are responsible for correcting the misalignment of teeth and jaws in kids and adults with the help of various appliances such as metal braces, aligners, clear braces, and so on. So, if you have misaligned or crooked teeth, overbite, underbite and other bite problems, an orthodontist is who you should go to.

Periodontists – Periodontists are dental specialists responsible for taking care of their patients’ gums, surrounding tissues and the structure around their teeth. Generally, you would be visiting a periodontist if you have developed severe gum disease.

Oral Surgeons – Oral surgeons are trained and qualified to carry out oral surgeries to treat diseases, injuries, aesthetic or functional aspects of your mouth. For instance, if you have impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed or have missing teeth that need to be replaced with dental implants, an oral surgeon is the one who takes care of it.

Endodontists – Endodontists are the ones who help patients get relief from pain and save their teeth by performing root canal therapy. The treatment is carried out to eliminate infections within a tooth.

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Should you invest in a smile makeover?

Cosmetic And General Dentistry

Your smile speaks a lot about you. Spending in your smile is one of the best investments. A smile makeover improves the quality and life of your smile and boosts your missing confidence. Shouldn’t you invest in your smile? Your answers are right here. Before you visit a dental clinic to get the services of cosmetic dentistry at Baltimore MD or services of general dentistry at Baltimore MD, know a few things about a smile makeover.

What do you mean by smile makeover?

A smile makeover improves the looks of your smile with the help of various cosmetic and surgical dental procedures. Given below are some of the aspects that smile makeover considers:


  • Tooth color – White and shining teeth indicate a youthful appearance. So tooth color is an important aspect, and your dentist will match them with the color of your skin and hair that best suits you.
  • Tooth size and shape – The size and shape of your teeth make a difference. A perfect smile has teeth proportioned to mouth. Most of us suffer from different tooth sizes and shapes causing issues.
  • Spacing and alignment – Are your teeth aligned? Crooked teeth appear very ugly and if you have gaps in between your teeth, it sets them back from the rest. This needs to be corrected.
  • Missing teeth – Losing teeth can be very embarrassing and problematic. It needs to be replaced.

What procedures are included in a smile makeover?

Dental veneers/crowns

Dental veneers are placed on the surface of your tooth to correct the shape, size and color. Your front teeth appearance improves.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatment removes tough stains from the surface of your teeth and offers them a radiant appearance.

Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the best treatments to replace missing teeth and offer rejuvenating smiles.

Orthodontic treatment

They help in solving the misalignment issues and giving your smile an aesthetic look with improved functioning.

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The most popular procedures dentists use to enhance your smile


Our smile is one of the biggest assets we have. Unfortunately, there are so many people who avoid breaking into one – they cover their mouths because they are afraid their imperfect teeth will create a bad impression.

The problem with teeth is that they tend to grow differently on different people. There are some who are blessed with the most perfect set of pearly whites, while there are others who suffer from extreme misalignment. Bad habits can also take away from the beauty of our teeth. Drinking coffee, smoking, consuming wine or tea, poor oral health, can cause so many gum and teeth concerns.

The good news is, people do not have to spend the rest of their lives covering their mouths and suppressing laughs because there are advanced dental treatments or processes that can help enhance the look of their teeth.

Here are some of the most popular treatments that expert dentist in Baltimore Maryland use.

Invisalign – Invisalign is essentially used as a replacement for braces to rectify underbites and overbites. It’s basically invisible, making it more visually appealing. Apart from this, they are more comfortable than their traditional counterparts.

Tooth whitening – This is one of the most popular procedures used for correcting the discoloration of the surface of the teeth due to frequent coffee-drinking, smoking, and other harmful habits. It restores the shine of the pearly whites.

Dental veneers – These are custom-made, wafer-thin shells that are designed to cover the front surface of teeth. They are used for enhancing the look by changing the shape, color, length or size of the teeth making them the right solution for people with gaps between teeth and those with stained teeth that cannot be fixed by tooth whitening.

Dental implants – Dental Implants are recommended for those who suffer from missing teeth. In fact, most clinics believe these prosthetics to be extremely efficient and effective in comparison to dentures. They fit more snugly in the mouth and feel like one’s own teeth so they are easy to maintain as well.

If you are conscious about your smile and need to get it fixed, it is important to choose the right specialist. Check whether the expert has experience in the particular treatment you are looking to get done. Cosmetic dentistry treatments, especially the ones mentioned above, need to be performed by skilled experts or otherwise you may end up in a fix. You should ask a lot of questions about the experience and equipment the clinic has and whether the dentist is open Sunday in Baltimore Maryland. By doing this, you will have a clear picture of the treatment you are going to take in advance.