Know everything about Cosmetic dentistry and its different types.

“Every smile makes you a day younger.” However, many of us restrict ourselves from smiling in public due to oral mishaps. That affects our self-esteem and puts a wrong impression on others. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are a blessing for those who want an improvement in their smile.  It corrects issues like crooked, discolored, chipped and missing teeth with different cosmetic dental care procedures. Let’s know about the various procedures of cosmetic dentistry in Baltimore, MD, before getting them. 

Everyone wishes to have a whiter smile and teeth whitening can help you achieve that. Our teeth’ natural white color gets discolored with passing years due to drinks, foods, tobacco, age, and medications. The procedure involves bleaching your teeth by removing all the debris, tartar and plaque and cleaning the surface for an improved smile. It can be conducted at the office or home as per the patient’s needs.

Dental implants

Are you afraid to smile again due to missing teeth? Dental implants offer a permanent solution to replacing missing teeth. They are artificial titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone of the patient and left to heal. That acts as a support for dental crowns. The results are admirable and you cannot distinguish them from your natural teeth.

Dental veneers

Veneers are wafer-thin custom made ceramic shells applied on the surface of your teeth to correct crooked teeth, damaged enamel, teeth gaps and extreme teeth discolorations. 

Composite bonding

It’s one of the most inexpensive cosmetic dental procedures covering damaged, chipped, cracked and decayed teeth and offers a healthy smile. 

Inlays and Onlays

If you are suffering from mild to moderate tooth decay and do not have enough tooth structure to support a normal filling, inlays and Onlays might be the right choice for you. 

Ready to recarve beautiful smiles!

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Wisdom teeth – Symptoms, Impaction and Treatment

Wisdom teeth are commonly regarded as “evolutionary relics.” They helped our aloof ancestors chew things like sticks and reed plants as well as acted as replacements for any lost or worn-out teeth. Over time, we shifted to softer diets and dental science advancements eliminated the purpose of wisdom teeth. However, they still grow in and often cause problems like overcrowding and misalignment. 

What symptoms will I face when wisdom teeth erupt?

  • Pain in the jaws at the back of the mouth. An increase in pain will be experienced gradually when the teeth start to grow in a misaligned or crooked manner. 
  • Other symptoms are pain, reddening, swelling, and tenderness around the area. 

Impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth have the possibility of becoming impacted, due to a state where the jawbones and the surrounding teeth block them from erupting. As long as they remain impacted, the chances of having severe health issues increases. Wisdom teeth are prone to develop cysts, damaging the bones and surrounding tissues and gums. Sometimes your wisdom teeth may erupt partially, allowing bacterias to enter easily through the opening around the tooth. Infection, inflammation, jaw pain, severe toothache, redness, and more will lead you to get wisdom teeth removal in Baltimore. 


The ultimate treatment to be free of any symptoms is wisdom tooth removal. It is conducted in a dental surgeon’s office under local anesthesia. When wisdom teeth erupt through the surface of the gums, it becomes relatively easier to extract them. Your surgeon will make an incision above the tooth. Any bones that are covering the tooth are removed. Finally, the tooth itself is removed. Wisdom teeth extraction is a standard and effective procedure to eliminate painful symptoms and have a healthy mouth. 

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Dental implants – The best tooth replacement for missing teeth in history!

The most advanced treatment that dental science has witnessed in the last 30 years is undoubtedly the ability to replace missing teeth with permanent restorations. Yes, we are talking about dental implants. This dentistry field is one of the fastest-growing due to its reliability, functionality, and aesthetically appealing appearance.

Why are dental implants considered the best method? 

Nobody wishes to have a missing tooth. Since ancient history, there had been different ways of fixing it up, starting from seashells to ivory dentures. Gladly now, we have the best option – “dental implants.” Have you ever wondered why? The reason begins with the bone tissues. Even if the missing tooth is not visible to you, the bones in your jaw know it’s gone. The teeth provide stimulation to the bones. Without them, it starts to melt away or lead to further severe consequences. 

The jawbones offer support to cheeks, lips and chin. Once these bones start to melt away, the cheeks are ready to sink, lips will lose their back and your whole face shrinks, causing exaggerated aging. However, aesthetics is not just about bone loss; it causes other issues like gum problems, biting issues and many more. Thankfully we have dental implants to take us out of this messy situation and offer a natural and functional tooth and prevent further bone loss. They fuse entirely to the bones, unlike dentures and bridgework. They last for a longer time, not prone to decay or gum diseases and will offer you the smile you have been missing. 

Imagine enjoying your favorite foods without any embarrassment? No worrying about denture glues or to take your artificial tooth out. Everything is possible through Baltimore dental implants. If you have lost most or all of your teeth, even that has a perfect implant dentistry solution. All-on-four dental implants will fix all your teeth with just four implants.

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