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Five things to be aware of before getting your wisdom teeth extracted

You shouldn’t fear the dentist if they are qualified. You should take an anti-inflammatory, like Advil or Tylenol, before coming in for your extraction. The size of the tooth is also something to be aware of before getting them out. If you have any breathing problems or allergies, tell the provider beforehand to make sure they know what precautions to take. You mustn’t lie down after getting your teeth removed because it could cause bleeding and bruising in your mouth if not positioned correctly when sitting down.

1. Call your employer- As soon as you pick a date, let your employer know. Tell them you are getting your wisdom teeth out and you will need to use some of your vacation or sick time.

2. Start stocking up on soft foods- You should probably start stocking up on soft foods once you’ve called your employer to get their approval. The dentist will usually offer some type of pain relievers like Advil or Tylenol but take one before the procedure for more relief. If your teeth are bothering you, don’t wait until they get worse- call the dentist and make an appointment right away. It’s always better to get them taken out if it’s affecting your quality of life (i.e.- chewing food) because they could spread more bacteria into the gum tissue and cause more infections, which would require removal, anyway.

3. Get everything that is stressing you out of the way- It’s important to get everything that is stressing you out to be done before getting your wisdom teeth extracted. If your teeth are bothering you, don’t wait until they get worse- call the dentist and make an appointment right away.

4. Make sure you feel beautiful and confident- Once you’ve got all the hard stuff out of the way, it’s time to feel great about yourself. Our clinic offers laser hair removal and facial and body treatments so you can get beautified before your procedure.

5. Find all your comfy attire and bedding- We offer a wide variety of bedding and comfortable clothes such as pajama sets, shirts, nightgowns, slippers, and robes to make you feel more at ease.


This article concludes that not all people need to be afraid of dentists. To find out more about making your time in the chair as comfortable as possible.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Baltimore


Despite their name, wisdom teeth don’t offer anything helpful for your mouth. For some people, in fact, it can cause oral problems like infection, toothaches, discomfort, and other issues. If that is the case, then your wisdom teeth may need to be removed. Wisdom teeth removal might seem daunting if you don’t know much about it. Luckily, we are here to explain just that. 

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the back molars of your teeth which appear after permanent teeth have all grown in. They aren’t proven to have any beneficial factors to your teeth’s functionality, and are often harmful to a person’s smile and teeth and end up removed. Wisdom teeth are generally located in the back corners of your mouth, and people usually start having issues with them from their late teen years to early twenties.

Why is wisdom tooth removal required?

There are many reasons that wisdom teeth extraction is needed, as every patient is different. Some patients’ wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning that due to their location, they might erupt in a way that causes damage to the jawbones or gums. Some wisdom teeth simply grow in at the wrong angle and might push against other teeth once grown. It could simply be the fact that your mouth isn’t very big and doesn’t have space for another set of molars, especially ones that are unneeded. Wisdom teeth could also lead to cavities or gum diseases due to their hard to reach location when brushing or flossing. There could be more reasons due to different circumstances, but under any harmful circumstances wisdom teeth are always recommended to be removed.

What next?

If you are having any issues with your wisdom teeth including infection, discomfort, or pain, then it’s removal may be the only solution. Come to Now Dentistry, a dental practice that accepts tooth cases of any kind. At our practice, we will be able to determine whether or not your wisdom teeth need to be removed, all while considering your well being and comfort. Call us to schedule an appointment. 

Wisdom Teeth: Facts and treatment

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you aware of the facts regarding wisdom teeth or wisdom tooth extraction? This blog will help you know about wisdom teeth and the way they impact your life. Here at NowDentistry, we offer the services of wisdom teeth removal at Baltimore. Apart from the services of wisdom teeth removal, other services related to general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry are offered.

Why are wisdom teeth called wisdom teeth?

Actually, wisdom teeth won’t increase your wisdom. Linguists have kept the name and have come from the late arrival of the teeth in an individual’s life. Wisdom teeth appear in the late teenage or the early twenties. This is also the time when a person reaches his or her adulthood. This actually marks the point of maturity when people become wiser. 

Problems caused by wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth can be very troublesome and can lead to many dental and periodontal issues. Even if the appearance of your teeth has occurred healthily, there are chances that your dentist will demand you to remove them to prevent any further issues. Issues related to wisdom teeth are:

  • Pericoronitis – The tooth eruption can lead to discomfort and pain along with an unpleasant taste and foul smell that can bother you.
  • Tooth decay – They are placed far in the mouth and due it’s distant positioning, it becomes challenging to offer them proper hygiene and this increases the risk of cavities leading to decay.
  • Impaction – The wisdom teeth can be impacted and result in swelling, pain, discomfort as well as severe infections. In some cases, the impaction is so bad that they start damaging the other teeth. 

Wisdom teeth extraction may not be for everyone

Even if your teeth are impacted, in some cases removing them may not be the right option. There are cases when extraction can lead to nerve damage. So before any extraction, your dentist will check your condition and offer you the best treatment possible.