Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Baltimore


Despite their name, wisdom teeth don’t offer anything helpful for your mouth. For some people, in fact, it can cause oral problems like infection, toothaches, discomfort, and other issues. If that is the case, then your wisdom teeth may need to be removed. Wisdom teeth removal might seem daunting if you don’t know much about it. Luckily, we are here to explain just that. 

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the back molars of your teeth which appear after permanent teeth have all grown in. They aren’t proven to have any beneficial factors to your teeth’s functionality, and are often harmful to a person’s smile and teeth and end up removed. Wisdom teeth are generally located in the back corners of your mouth, and people usually start having issues with them from their late teen years to early twenties.

Why is wisdom tooth removal required?

There are many reasons that wisdom teeth extraction is needed, as every patient is different. Some patients’ wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning that due to their location, they might erupt in a way that causes damage to the jawbones or gums. Some wisdom teeth simply grow in at the wrong angle and might push against other teeth once grown. It could simply be the fact that your mouth isn’t very big and doesn’t have space for another set of molars, especially ones that are unneeded. Wisdom teeth could also lead to cavities or gum diseases due to their hard to reach location when brushing or flossing. There could be more reasons due to different circumstances, but under any harmful circumstances wisdom teeth are always recommended to be removed.

What next?

If you are having any issues with your wisdom teeth including infection, discomfort, or pain, then it’s removal may be the only solution. Come to Now Dentistry, a dental practice that accepts tooth cases of any kind. At our practice, we will be able to determine whether or not your wisdom teeth need to be removed, all while considering your well being and comfort. Call us to schedule an appointment. 

Should you invest in a smile makeover?

Cosmetic And General Dentistry

Your smile speaks a lot about you. Spending in your smile is one of the best investments. A smile makeover improves the quality and life of your smile and boosts your missing confidence. Shouldn’t you invest in your smile? Your answers are right here. Before you visit a dental clinic to get the services of cosmetic dentistry at Baltimore MD or services of general dentistry at Baltimore MD, know a few things about a smile makeover.

What do you mean by smile makeover?

A smile makeover improves the looks of your smile with the help of various cosmetic and surgical dental procedures. Given below are some of the aspects that smile makeover considers:


  • Tooth color – White and shining teeth indicate a youthful appearance. So tooth color is an important aspect, and your dentist will match them with the color of your skin and hair that best suits you.
  • Tooth size and shape – The size and shape of your teeth make a difference. A perfect smile has teeth proportioned to mouth. Most of us suffer from different tooth sizes and shapes causing issues.
  • Spacing and alignment – Are your teeth aligned? Crooked teeth appear very ugly and if you have gaps in between your teeth, it sets them back from the rest. This needs to be corrected.
  • Missing teeth – Losing teeth can be very embarrassing and problematic. It needs to be replaced.

What procedures are included in a smile makeover?

Dental veneers/crowns

Dental veneers are placed on the surface of your tooth to correct the shape, size and color. Your front teeth appearance improves.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatment removes tough stains from the surface of your teeth and offers them a radiant appearance.

Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the best treatments to replace missing teeth and offer rejuvenating smiles.

Orthodontic treatment

They help in solving the misalignment issues and giving your smile an aesthetic look with improved functioning.

We are happy to reform your smile at Now Dentistry with amazing treatment. Call us today to schedule your appointment with us.

What are the 4 useful tips for selecting a dentist?


Looking for a new dentist? Are you confused about where to start? You could have shifted to a new place or simply want a change of your dentist which requires you to find a new dentist in Baltimore. As you will find many dental clinics in Baltimore to choose from, do not wait until a dental problem strikes you. Given below are 4 useful tips that can help you choose the right dentist:

Office location and hours

Most of us look for a dentist that is close to our home or work. This makes it easier to book your appointments before or after work. Pick a dentist in your preferred area and then check the office hours whether they fit in your schedule or not.

 Check patient reviews

Go through the reviews of your dentist. Many patients post their comments online, do not forget to read them. Take recommendations from your family, friends, neighbours or doctor to choose the right dentist. 

Reviewing Office websites

Most of the dental clinics have their online website, which consists of information regarding the office, pictures, policies, background info and reviews too. Look for the answer to the queries in your mind. You can even contact them to clear your queries.

Make a quick visit

After you have selected some of your top choices, make a quick visit to the dental clinic and see whether the place is easily accessible. You can see whether they have a clean and well-managed office. Whether they have a welcoming and friendly staff or not. Please make a list of their advantages and disadvantages and pick the right one. 

At Now Dentistry, we have trusted professionals to offer you reliable services. We aim to keep your mouth healthy and bright. Contact us today for any further help regarding our services.