Wisdom teeth – Symptoms, Impaction and Treatment

Wisdom teeth are commonly regarded as “evolutionary relics.” They helped our aloof ancestors chew things like sticks and reed plants as well as acted as replacements for any lost or worn-out teeth. Over time, we shifted to softer diets and dental science advancements eliminated the purpose of wisdom teeth. However, they still grow in and often cause problems like overcrowding and misalignment. 

What symptoms will I face when wisdom teeth erupt?

  • Pain in the jaws at the back of the mouth. An increase in pain will be experienced gradually when the teeth start to grow in a misaligned or crooked manner. 
  • Other symptoms are pain, reddening, swelling, and tenderness around the area. 

Impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth have the possibility of becoming impacted, due to a state where the jawbones and the surrounding teeth block them from erupting. As long as they remain impacted, the chances of having severe health issues increases. Wisdom teeth are prone to develop cysts, damaging the bones and surrounding tissues and gums. Sometimes your wisdom teeth may erupt partially, allowing bacterias to enter easily through the opening around the tooth. Infection, inflammation, jaw pain, severe toothache, redness, and more will lead you to get wisdom teeth removal in Baltimore. 


The ultimate treatment to be free of any symptoms is wisdom tooth removal. It is conducted in a dental surgeon’s office under local anesthesia. When wisdom teeth erupt through the surface of the gums, it becomes relatively easier to extract them. Your surgeon will make an incision above the tooth. Any bones that are covering the tooth are removed. Finally, the tooth itself is removed. Wisdom teeth extraction is a standard and effective procedure to eliminate painful symptoms and have a healthy mouth. 

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